MINNEMYSTIK, 25.-27. Juni 2010, Kunstfestival 48-Stunden-Neuköln, Video

Minnemystik (Mystic of Love)

25.-27. Juni 2010


Friedelstr. 49
12047 Berlin

Fr 19:00 — 22:00

Sa 19:00 — 22:00

So 12:00 — 18:00

Minnemystik is a videoart piece in loop that is meant to be watched in a private cabin of a sex shop.
Minnemystik, mystic of love, consists of a collection of texts by Christian mystic women, mixed with images of faces of people who are reaching orgasm. These texts were written in a moment of full ecstasy, of mystic vision. The pictures are also images of abandonment, of renunciation to reason.

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